SkeletonQuest : Sample LimeSurvey for v1.91 EN/FR/DE

This survey show all question type of LimeSurvey with some option
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Text question

This is the description for text question group.
* S Short free text
HelpThis is the help text

H Huge free text

S1 Short free text (Numbers only, With a timer)
Only numbers may be entered in this field.

T1 Long free text (Input box width :3, Display rows : 2 , Maximum characters : 6)

Q Multiple short text
Q1 Multiple short text (Display rows : 2, Random answer order)
M2 Multiple short text, with long answers (Maximum characters: 2, Numbers only, Input box width : 2)
Only numbers may be entered in these fields.
; Array Texts
HelpThis is an array question
  Some example subquestion - X New answer subquestion - X Third subquestion - X Last subquestion - X
Some example subquestion - Y
New answer subquestion - Y
Third subquestion - Y
Last subquestion - Y

Question index

  1. Text question
  2. Numeric question
  3. Single choice question
  4. Multi choice question
  5. Condition and scenario
  6. Filter